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We’re excited to announce the first professional development workshops coordinated by the Manitoba Flexible Learning HUB.

These events are an opportunity for faculty from Brandon University and Assiniboine Community College to share ideas and learn about teaching practices from their colleagues. The HUB is also planning similar events at Université de Saint Boniface, The University of Winnipeg, and University of Manitoba.

On March 9th, the workshops will be facilitated at Brandon University by faculty specialists from the Centre for Advancement of Teaching and Learning.

UPDATE: Due to weather, the workshops have been postponed. They have been moved to Tuesday, April 18. 

Developing Effective Online Communication to Promote Critical Thinking

Where: Brandon University Campus (Health Studies Building, Room 233)
When: Tuesday, April 18 (9 AM – 12 PM)
Facilitator: Jennifer Rausch, Faculty Specialist at the Centre for Advancement of Teaching and Learning

In this workshop, we will examine the use of online communication tools and how they can be used to engage learners and promote the development of higher level thinking skills, such as critical thinking and problem solving. By discussing and examining the current research, we will identify key pedagogical components that will make this implementation successful. Technological requirements to support the use of online communication will be discussed.

Strategies to Promote Academic Integrity in Teaching and Learning

Where: Brandon University Campus (Health Studies Building, Room 233)
When: Tuesday, April 18 (1 – 4 PM)
Facilitator: Dr. Brenda Stoesz, Adjunct Professor of Psychology and Faculty Specialist – Academic Integrity and Copyright at Centre for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning

Do you want to promote academic integrity in your classroom but you don’t know how to do this effectively? Want to focus on students’ learning rather than policing cheating? In this workshop, we will discuss (in small and large groups) academic integrity, and how it relates to your teaching and learning environment. We will discuss ways to implement teaching and assessment strategies that promote integrity without sacrificing class time or replacing content. Workshop participants are encouraged to bring samples of their course materials (e.g., syllabus, learning activities, assignments, and/or tests), so that they can analyze these course materials and identify where improvements with regards to academic integrity can be made.

Register Now

Faculty can participate in these workshops at no cost. You can register by emailing If you would like to share this information with your network, you can also download a promotional PDF.

More opportunities for professional development are in the works. Université de Saint Boniface is hosting a workshop for “Teaching Online” on February 23rd. The HUB is also working with the University of Winnipeg to schedule tutorials and seminars for an event on March 27th. In April, there will be an online teaching workshop at the University of Manitoba.

We will provide details about these opportunities when they are available. In the meantime, you can reach out to for more information.

Manitoba Flexible Learning HUB

The HUB is a new community of practice for advancing teaching and learning through the use of technology at Manitoba’s post-secondary institutions.

With several pilot projects underway, The HUB is a collaborative service that provides support to Manitoba’s public post-secondary institutions to develop online courses and educational resources. The HUB will also serve as a place for faculty to connect and share their knowledge of flexible learning and educational technology. In order to support this growing network, The HUB will also help coordinate professional development workshops for Manitoba faculty.

Campus Manitoba has partnered with the Centre for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning at the University of Manitoba to create the Flexible Learning HUB. The HUB is currently supported by a staff that includes instructional designers, a multimedia specialist, and a project manager. This team will work closely with Manitoba faculty to support the development of flexible learning materials and to provide professional development opportunities across the province.

The HUB is overseen by the Flexible Learning Advisory Group (FLAG). FLAG is a committee of representatives from Campus Manitoba, The Centre, Manitoba’s Post-Secondary Education and Workforce Opportunities Division, and Manitoba’s seven public post-secondary institutions.

Campus Manitoba is a consortium of Manitoba’s public post-secondary institutions. Through collaborative projects and shared services, we facilitate student mobility and expand access to post-secondary programs for students in Manitoba. In addition to, our websites include,, and