National Survey of Online Learning in Canada underway

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Campus Manitoba – NEWS RELEASE


In March, Campus Manitoba announced its support for the National Survey of Online and Distance Education in Canadian Post-Secondary Education. We are happy to update our community on the current status of the National Survey.

During the weeks of April 24 to May 8, 212 Canadian post-secondary educational institutions are receiving an invitation to complete a questionnaire asking them about their online enrolments, the growth of blended and hybrid learning, their use of technologies for delivering online learning, and the main challenges and opportunities they are experiencing with online and blended learning.

The aim is to provide a comprehensive and accurate picture of the extent and use of online learning and distance education in Canada in time for the 150th anniversary of Canadian confederation. The project is being led by a small team of independent Canadian academic researchers, working in close conjunction with the Babson Survey Research Group and WCET, and has received funding from eCampus Ontario, Campus Manitoba, eCampus Alberta, BCcampus, Contact North and Pearson Canada.

The invitation to participate has gone to the Provost or Vice President Education in most institutions and should be completed within the next week. It is essential that all institutions invited complete the questionnaire, whether they are using online learning or not, as the question is also asking about future directions. Please support the completion of this questionnaire in any way you can. The report should be ready in September and will be available in English and French.


If you have questions about the survey, please contact:

Dr. Tony Bates

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