Canadian Immigrant Fair Provides Guidance for New Canadians

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Imagine arriving in a new country, an immigrant eager to start fulfilling your dreams, but unsure of where to begin.  Last week, Campus Manitoba spent the day speaking with people just like this at the Canadian Immigrant Fair in Winnipeg. Newcomers, international students and skilled immigrants ventured to the Fair to find information and inspiration on obtaining education, finding employment and settling into a new home. This year, the fair boasted a diverse series of speakers. Topics varied from career tips for skilled immigrants to an information session on CELPIP tests. Not surprisingly, the Resumé Clinic and LinkedIn headshot photo booths maintained steady traffic throughout the day. These great services were interactive and free to use.

Not Quite Sure Where to Start

Canadian Immigrant Fair

Our Virtual Help Desk Navigator, Sarah fielding questions.

Discussing plans for the future with inquisitive new Canadians made the day fly by. During our conversations, attendees noted that they were, “not quite sure where to start.” Specifically, questions included what the best resources are for academic upgrading, how to get funding for school and where to get international education assessed.

In addition, we found there is a common misconception about requiring a Canadian education to get a job in Canada. This is not always the case. While Canadian work experience is important, the education and work experience gained in your home country is also significant. A great first step to continuing in the same career as you had back home is to get your international credits assessed. The assessment period can be long and fees are out of pocket; however, in the end this can save you time and money. Alternatively, you can apply to a program at a university or college of interest and have your international credits assessed for advanced standing.

People who attended our booth entered a draw and gave us a few details on their future plans. Out of 24 submissions, 17 plan to pursue post-secondary education. Most of the participants originated from India; however, we also had submissions from Brazil and Nigeria. Lastly, most people who replied have been in Canada for around 2 months, and the most popular career choice was Accountant.

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